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We're not just revolutionizing the industry; we're redefining the way you experience financial services.

At Dynagen Lending, we believe in disrupting the norm to create a space where clients are more than just numbers on a balance sheet.

We're a team of passionate professionals committed to breaking barriers and putting our clients at the forefront. In an industry often characterized by impersonal transactions, we stand out by prioritizing the human connection. Your financial journey is not just about numbers; it's about your aspirations, dreams, and peace of mind.

It's our unwavering dedication to providing not only top-notch brokerage services but also genuine care for our clients. We understand that each individual has unique financial goals, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction has earned us a reputation for excellence.

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VA Loan

Available to eligible veterans and active-duty military personnel, is a powerful financial tool designed to make homeownership more accessible. With favorable terms and often requiring no down payment, VA loans provide a unique opportunity for those who have served our country to achieve the dream of owning a home. Beyond the financial advantages, VA loans come with additional benefits such as competitive interest rates and limited closing costs, making the path to homeownership smoother and more affordable for our deserving service members. Dynagen takes pride in assisting veterans with the VA loan process, ensuring they enjoy the benefits they've earned through their dedicated service.

FHA Loan

Backed by the Federal Housing Administration, is a government-insured mortgage designed to facilitate homeownership, particularly for first-time buyers and those with moderate income. With lower down payment requirements and more flexible credit standards compared to conventional loans, FHA loans open doors for a broader range of individuals to realize their homeownership aspirations. The government backing provides lenders with added confidence, allowing borrowers to access competitive interest rates. At Dynagen, we specialize in guiding individuals through the FHA loan process, making homeownership more achievable and ensuring that the journey to owning a home is smooth and accessible.

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan, in contrast to government-backed loans, is a mortgage not insured or guaranteed by a government agency. It's a private-sector mortgage that follows the guidelines set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Conventional loans often require a higher credit score and a larger down payment compared to government-backed alternatives. However, they offer flexibility in terms of property types and can be an excellent choice for financially stable borrowers. At Dynagen, we specialize in helping clients navigate the conventional loan process, offering personalized solutions and competitive rates to make the journey to homeownership a reality.


Refinancing is a financial strategy that involves replacing an existing mortgage with a new loan, typically with more favorable terms. Homeowners often refinance to secure a lower interest rate, reduce monthly payments, or change the loan's duration. This process can also be used to tap into home equity or switch from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage. At Dynagen, we specialize in guiding homeowners through the refinancing process, helping them explore options that align with their financial goals and secure a more advantageous mortgage arrangement. Whether it's lowering monthly payments or accessing equity for other financial needs, we're here to make the refinancing journey seamless and beneficial for our clients. By refinancing your existing loan your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

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